Antim: The Final Truth - 2021


The film opens with a narration on a common farmer's life, where he is forced to sell his land and works as a farm laborer in his own land. One such story is of Rahul "Rahulya" Patil. His father, Dattaram, too, had sold his land and is living as a watchman in his own land. One day, the landlord, Shinde, beats up Rahulya's father and a fed up Rahulya challenges that he would get back his land. Soon, his family shifts to Pune, where both the father-son duo work as porters in a vegetable market. One day, as the local goons forcibly extort money from an old man, Rahulya beats them up and lands in jail. There, he meets Nanya, a powerful gangster with the local M.L.A's support. Rahulya joins hands with Nanya after coming out of jail. Meanwhile, he also falls in love with Manda, a tea seller.

Rahulya soon earns his name after accidentally murdering the Mayor and Nanya bails him out again, by fabricating the murder as suicide with false testimonials from the people present there. Rahulya, with his new fame, sets out to solve the vegetable vendors' problems by promising that he would buy their produce at rates more than the current prices. Though he is appreciated by the vendors, Dattaram rejects him. Soon, Rahulya is a prominent member in Nanya's gang. One day, Pitya and Daya complain to Nanya that they failed to annex land owned by Rahulya's teacher (masterji). Rahulya both settles his own personal score and annexes the land by shooting him in front of his family. Nanya again bails him out by producing masterji's uncle as the killer. By now, Rahulya is completely disowned by his family and is thrown out of his home. Though Manda is apprehensive of Rahul, she believes that he is innocent. One day, Nanya invites Rahulya to his birthday party; in a twist, Rahulya murders him that night, believing that he sexually predated his mother and sister. S.I. Rajveer Singh, the policeman of the area, witnesses the murder and puts Rahulya behind bars after a physical brawl. After several months, he comes out on bail.

Rahulya is now the gangster of the town and everyone fears him. One night, a pre-teenager Siddharth a.k.a. Sidhu comes to meet Rahulya for help and Rahulya adopts him as his brother. Meanwhile, Rajveer takes pity on Rahulya's family and constantly warns Rahulya of grave consequences on taking law in his hands but he turns a deaf ear. Rajveer now decides to leave the fate of the gangsters to themselves knowing that only one would be left behind upon killing each others' gang. He further intensifies the inter-gang rivalry by killing members of both the gang members without each others' knowing. Rahulya, though a rich man now, feels lonely. As he goes to the market place, Dattaram despises him. Manda's father Satya too shouts at Rahulya that he would never marry off his daughter to him. Enraged, Rahulya hits him. Manda then hits Rahulya and breaks up with him. Rahulya continues be a gangster and is even more dreaded now: he starts extortions, captures many peoples' lands. He turns his eyes on Dattaram's land and gets his vengeance by killing Shinde. An elated Rahulya shares the news to Dattaram but he isn't happy as usual because of Rahulya's coercive methods. During one of the land settlements, he comes across a happy family where the father is proud of his sons' achievements. Rahulya now has a change of heart.

As he returns to the market place, he meets Dattaram and asks him to come with him and that he would join politics. Dattaram lashes out that he had many chances to mend his ways but he did not. As Rahulya is about to leave, Manda introduces her fiancee to him. The local MLA is informed of Rahulya joining politics and tips Pitya and Daya to murder Rahulya. On the Vinayaka Chavithi day, Rajveer encounter-kills the MLA and the duo end up chasing Rahulya on Pune roads to murder him. Rahulya quickly phones Sidhu about the happenings and asks him to inform everyone. Sidhu and Rahulya reach the market. Meanwhile, Dattaram also calls and informs Rajveer of the happenings and he comes to the market place. Rahulya now comes out of hiding and both of them confront the Daya-Pitya duo. As the duo are captured, Rahulya surrenders himself to the police. Sidhu takes out his gun and shoots Rahulya, killing him. He reveals that he is the masterji's grandson and promised to avenge his death by murdering Rahulya in the marketplace. Rajveer then encounters and kills the duo.

As Rahulya's dead body is about to be cremated, everybody weeps and Dattaram frantically laughs as he is reminded of Rahulya's words to smile at least once. As Rajveer leaves, he thinks that Rahulya needed only 6 feet of land despite owning 300 acres.

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