Anuranan - 2008


The story of two couples - each with their own struggles to survive as a couple and as individuals. After living in London for a few years, Rahul and Nandita have recently moved back to Kolkata and become friends with Amit and Preeti. It is the lives of these four friends that creates a resonance, a chord, that echoes through their present and future.

Rahul Bose stars as a creative and sensitive individual, who during the course of his life arrives in a lonely hill station in Sikkim to help build a new holiday resort. The friendship between the two couples, Rahul and Nandita and Amit and Preeti paves the way for a deeper bond between Rahul and Preeti. This "Anuranan" between the two is, towards the end of the movie, misunderstood by society in general including Amit. However, the fact that the love between Rahul and Nandita is pure, does not let the latter fall prey to the rumour mills

Cast & Crew

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury (Tony)
Jeet Banerjee , Indrani Mukherjee
Tanmay Bose, Ashis Rego

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