Ashoka The Hero - 2011


The time is 32 BC. King Asoka?s fierce battle against Kalinga claims 100,000 lives & the carnage moves the king to go on a quest to save mankind.
He brings together the nine wise men from all over the world who harness the powers of nature and contain them in a medallion.
The medallion is entrusted to the Emperor?s son Masa until its rightful owner can be found.
2000 years later, Masa, still alive comes across a Ashok, the son of a slain police officer. The 8 year old has a great desire to help others like his hero father.
Realizing Ashoka is the one he has been waiting foe Masa entrusts the medallion to the boy and the fades to dust, his mission accomplished.
The magical medallion gives Ashok superhuman powers. At first he doubts his ability but like a true hero faces up to the challenge from the corruption of power.
With his new powers Ashoka becomes a hero and a media darling. Slowly his school work begins to suffer and he is warned that he must not shirk responsibility or misuse his abilities.
Amidst his first real battle with a failed scientist, Ashoka in anger attempts to destroy his foe. This leads to him losing all his powers.
In the end he must face great evil without a;; his powers and try to save the world from certain destruction.

Cast & Crew

Gaurav Jain
Gyanendra Jain
Gaurav Jain
Justin, Uday
Rekha Nigam

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