Aur Pappu Paas Ho Gaya - 2007


Pappu (Krishna Abhishek) is a mechanic in the garage of Tara Singh. He dreams of making it big some day. Due to Pappu?s day-dreaming, Tara Singh incurs heavy lossess and he sacks Pappu. Now without a job, Pappu pretends to be the prince of Tikramgarh and tries to impress people. Kiran (Kashmera Shah), sister of underworld don Sudhakar Sawant (Jackie Shroff), falls in love with him. Although Sudhakar knows that Pappu is a fake, he helps him indirectly, after realizing his sister?s fondness for Pappu. However, Kiran is enraged when she learns the truth about Pappu. Sudhakar then steps in, pacifies his sister, and gets them married.

Cast & Crew

Shantilal Soni
Amit Srivastava

Aur Pappu Paas Ho Gaya Movie - Songs

Ishq Hai Jua

Jaane Jaana Dil Hai Deewana

Keep It Cool

Meri Chahaton Ki

Paaji Ghanti Baj Gayee

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