Bachpan Ek Dhokha - 2015


Bachpan Ek Dhokha -a suspense filled drama revolves around the fun, frolic and carefree days of childhood that turn into an intentional/ unintentional torture and trauma inflicted on children due to the deeds of their parent/s.

It s the story of an upper middle class Christian Indian family consisting of a couple-- Nicole (Padmini Kolhapure) & Nicholas (Mohnish Behl) & their 4 childern - elder son - Nick (17 yrs), elder daughter - Nancy (16yrs) & twin brother & sister Ness & Nikki (6 yrs)

Nicole s and her kids spirited life is shattered when Nicholas, the head of the family passes away suddenly leaving behind huge debts.

Nicole decides to shift to her parent s place. Nancy & Nick are initially reluctant to go along, but their anxieties about moving into an unknown place vanish and their spirits elated, as soon as they arrive at a palatial mansion that is their grandparents home.

But their hope of wonderful days is short lived as a major twist happens and all the children are confined in a far end of the mansion.

They are separated from their mother and kept in virtual captivity in a big hall under the hawk-like & suspicious gaze of their grandmother aka Granny (Helen Khan). Here they are subjected to relentless torture by grandmother and their grandfather Daryl s (Tom Alter) butler and Man Friday Samuels (Brandon Hill).

Why this treatment is being meted out to them, they are at a complete loss to figure out. Even viewers wonder why is it being done to them. Meanwhile they get together to survive in this virtual imprisonment. At a crucial juncture mother decides to leave the mansion immediately with the kids. Now her attempt is thwarted by the butler and grandmother.

Why is it being done?. What is the game plan? Where is the grandfather?. Are mother and grandmother together as a part of some conspiracy against children? Was mother s move to leave the mansion just a drama?.

Elder children Nancy and Nick want to figure out the truth. They are confused and scared. Obviously, they don t trust their own mother?.Whose help should they take?..What is the whole backstory and motivation for their torture and capitivity?.The questions linger and prick and seek urgent solutions.

Bachpan Ek Dhokha is a riveting story of betrayal, intrigue and vengeance by family members against their own kin, that races at a breakneck speed to the thrilling climax!.

Cast & Crew

Rajiv Sharma
Manish Aggarwal, Kashish Aggarwal, Anish Aggarwal
Rajiv Sharma
Gourav Das Gupta

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