Barsaat - 1995


Badal (Bobby Deol) is a naive but intelligent young man who comes from a small village to the big city. He is introduced to city life by Damru (Harish Patel) who calls himself Danny. When Badal attends college, he meets pretty and precocious Tina Oberoi (Twinkle Khanna) and, after a few misunderstanding and misadventures, they fall in love.

This is not taken well by Tina's dad (Raj Babbar) who hopes to marry Tina with his friend's (Bharat Kapoor) son. Tina's dad complains to the college principal (Vijay Kashyap), but Tina testifies in favour of Badal. Tina's dad then asks a corrupt cop, Negi, the city's assistant commissioner of police, for assistance. Negi arrests Badal on trumped-up charges and imprisons him. Badal's dad (Mukesh Khanna) comes to the big city to try to make sense of why Badal is prison. Tina's dad gives a contract to Negi to have Badal killed. Negi agrees and hires a gang of ruthless outlaws to hunt and kill Badal. He also pressures Tina not to acknowledge and meet Badal anymore, and Tina reluctantly agrees. When she learns that he is not dead she goes to him. In an effort to save her, her father dies and Badal kills Negi. At last, Tina and Badal unite. (wikipedia)

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