Bas Yun Hi - 2003


The story revolves around a prank and its effect on a close-knit group of five urban friends. Set in Bangalore, the story spans 10 days of their lives.

The action starts when one of the five, Aditya (Purab Kohli), accidentally finds his friend Rohan's (Rajiv Gopalakrishnan) kundali. The description does not match that of Rohan's current girlfriend Tara (Parmita Katkar).

Prankster Aditya decides to bring into Rohan's life one of his friends who matches the description of the woman in the kundali. Veda (Nandita Das) has no qualms about being party to mischief. The others in the group, Kabir (Sameer Malhotra), his girlfriend Saraswati aka Sara (Sandhya Shetty) and Sona (Tannishta Chatterjee) are not too keen about the prank but decide to play along.

Rohan thinks he meets Veda accidentally but it has all been planned. He starts thinking Veda, not Tara, might be the woman of his dreams. Veda (also playing an actress in the movie) wants to see Bangalore and finds an eager guide in Rohan.

By the time Rohan has shown Veda most of Bangalore, both of them start having doubts. Veda suffers from guilt pangs and has heart-to-heart conversations with her chat friend Starlight. Rohan is equally uneasy with their relationship.

Aditya also starts feeling uncomfortable with Rohan and Veda's relationship. Especially when they start doing things that are 'not in the script.' Rohan finds out that the kundali in question does not belong to him. Sona is increasingly worried about Aditya's withdrawal.

What brings about Aditya's strange behaviour? Why is Veda so eager to go out with Rohan and then look into space with lost wistful looks? Who is this Starlight she keeps chatting with? Why does Sara always insist on drinking vegetable juice?

Cast & Crew

Raja Menon
Priti Gulati
Raja Menon, Pratap Raju
Rajiv Raja, Merlin de Souza

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