Bhangover - 2017


The effects of Bhang is such that whoever consumes it, can be under its influence for days without having any knowledge of what they have done during that period. This is consumed by the protagonists Ram, Nisha, Ravi, Sagar and Sudeepa on the day of Holi, post which they decide to visit every house around to enjoy the festivities. They also realize that once under the influence of Bhang they will be unable to drive the SUV and hence take along with them their partner in crime, Pandey their hostel warden, who happily consents unaware of the consequences he is about to face.
As decided, they visit every house in the village and end up doing some kind of mischief in every place they visit. They go to the extent of creating rifts between families and soon the families are after their blood.
As expected, the protagonists are unware of what they have done and soon they find themselves caught in major trap. They soon realize that they have been captured by terrorists but have no idea of how it happened. They also wonder why Sudeepa's and Sagar's families are after them with weapons. To top it all, they have somehow managed to free Pandey's ex-girlfriend from her in-laws house to unite her with Pandey, which puts Pandey in a fix as he is unable to answer his wife or daughter about the episode.
Once in their senses, they start looking for answers for all the puzzles and the tribulations that they have got themselves into. When they seek their answers from their warden Pandey, they are left dumbstruck at the massive turn of events that are consequence of the Bhangover as it changes their lives forever.

Cast & Crew

Siddhant Mahadev
Mahinder Singh Saniwal, Meenakshi Vijay
Siddhant Mahadev
Arafaat Mehmood

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