Black - 2005


Black is her world. No sight, no sound and no words to speak. Young Michelle suffocates in the vacuum of her inner world. She is like an animal living in the dark, until an eccentric teacher decides to make her ?a fine young lady?.

?Black? is Bhansali?s masterpiece. A cinematic gem that needs to be seen more than once to fully absorb its beauty, its subtlety, its emotional depth and nuances. The stunning cinematography by Ravi Chandran literally paints the metaphors in light n shade, as if reflecting the blackness of Michelle?s inner world.

Bhansali began with Khamoshi and has now reached a new height with ?Black?, every frame of which shows his passion and intensity. Bhansali?s strife for perfection in his craft comes out in the meticulousness with which he tells his story without making you feel pity for the leading character of the blind-mute-deaf girl.

?Black? is visually striking and emotionally moving. Although the general look of the movie is dark, there is not a single sequence in the film that depresses you. Some may find the movie a bit slow in the second half, but the denouement of the story (which is quite realistic and not as grandiose as some might expect) absolves the movie of its flaws. There are moments in the film (like when Michelle learns to say ?ma?) that move you deeply.

?Black? is a testimony to the acting talent of Mr Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee. Playing a girl who cannot see, hear and speak is no easy feat. But Rani plays her character with such finesse that she literally brings out the inner voices of Michelle with her facial expressions, her flat-footed walk, her body language and her glazed looks. As for Mr Bachchan?s performance, it truly ought to be seen than written about.

?Black? is not without flaws. The background music, the orchestra becomes too overwhelming at times and makes certain portions of the movie soppy. Also the frightening props inside the house in the first half create an eerie ambience. But despite these shortcomings, ?Black? grips a viewer from its initial reels. With the dexterity of a master, Bhansali tells his story without giving you as much time to blink. After all, Black is also Bhansali?s favorite color.

Cast & Crew

Sanjai Leela Bansali
Bhansali Entertainment
Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Bhavani Iyer, Prakash Kapadia
Resul Pookutty

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