Bol Radha Bol - 1992


Kishan Malhotra lives a wealthy life-style with his widowed mom, Sumitra Malhotra, Uncle Shanti Prasad and his son Bhanu Prasad. He has the sole responsibility of taking care of the family's business and he does so very promptly. He soon moves to a village to open up a factory that has been closed for years.

The people there are very poor and are very grateful that Kishan has taken the decision to open up the factory and provide them with employment. He meets with young Radha and falls in love with her. He proposes marriage to her but to his shock she refuses but eventually agrees after he attempts to commit suicide.

He soon leaves the village to return with his mom, Sumitra to finalize his marriage with Radha and promises the villagers to return within a week's time. But when he return home he is shocked to see him mom dead, is questioned who he is, and finds a look-alike of himself in his place. He is shunned by his uncle, who asks him to leave even after a lot of pleadings. He tries his best to prove that he is Kishan, but is instead arrested by the police and held in a cell where he might as well have to spend the rest of his life.

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Tu Tu Tu Tu Tara

Hawa Sard Hai

Main Hoon Gaon Ki Gori

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