Chala Murari Hero Banane - 1977


Murari dreams of becoming an actor, but his Dad (A.K. Hangal), who runs a cloth shop, wants him to help in the shop. Murari runs away from home and catches a train to Mumbai. On his journey, he meets a teacher who says he knows Raj Kapoor. Murari comes to Mumbai, lives in a chawl, struggles a bit and becomes a successful and rich actor. Then comes a twist in his life; he gets accused in scandals, and his love interest, (Bindiya Goswami), leaves him. Eventually, he proves himself innocent and they reunite and marry.

Chala Murari Hero Banane Movie - Songs

Teri Kathputli Hoon.

Paas Aao Naa Tarasaao Naa

Do Pal Ki Hai Yeh Zindagan

Na Jane Din Kaise (Part 1)

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