Chandra Mukhi - 1993


Far beyond the reaches of our universe, lies a heavenly kingdom ruled by a beautiful woman, and her daughter, a princess. Both mother and daughter possess a magical wand in the shape of a giant leaf that has magical powers. The daughter loses this leaf, which falls and lands on Earth. Dhola, an evil being, who would like to control and master the universe, finds out, and he too goes in search of this leaf. The daughter reaches Earth and is called "Chandra Mukhi" after a character in a television pro gramme, and meets with a young lad named Raja Rai.

She finds that Raja is at the mercy of his cruel maternal uncle and step-mother, and she decides to let Raja grow up to his full manhood so that he can defend himself against his tormentors. It is then that Dhola arrives and takes control of the leaf. Will Chandra Mukhi and Raja be able to secure the leaf from the invincible and evil Dhola, and will Raja's life ever return to normalcy?

Cast & Crew

Debaloy Dey
Bubby Kent
Anwar Khan
Anand-Milind, Nikhil-Vinay

Chandra Mukhi Movie - Songs

Aa Paas Aa To Zara

Chha Raha Hai Pyaar Ka Nasha

Mere Honthon Pe Ek Kahani

Mere Honthon Pe Ek Kahani

Teri Hi Aarzoo Hai

Tune Pakdi Kalai

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