Chehere - 2015


In a palace that hides secrets of many, a murder unmasks the true colours of the ones residing there.
Based in a different era, the rich Raisaheb lives life king size with three beautiful women, namely, film actress Tarana, Amanat and his employee Jhankar along with a girl named Devika, who is raised by Tarana and Amanat. While Jhankar manages to gain right over Raisaheb by marrying him after claiming that she is pregnant, Amanat, the other girlfriend of Raisaheb discovers Jhankar s lies and blackmails her for money. However, Raisaheb soon spots Jhankar giving money to Amanat and he refuses to provide any monetary help to either of them. Amanat soon discovers a new source to blackmail in Tarana and threatens her to reveal the secret of Devika. However, the murder of Amanat puts everyone in jeopardy.

Cast & Crew

Rohit Kaushik
Inderjit Singh Daheley, Ash Patel
Rohit Kaushik
Jaideep Choudhary
Sayeed Quadri

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