Chhodon Naa Yaar - 2007


An ordinary life was the last thing Ravi wanted. Regular or run-of-the mill was never that he would do. That is why Ravi, along with his two friends decides to venture into something?..which changed his life forever.

When Ravi (Jimmy Sheirgill), Shiv (Kabir) and Sunny (Farid), three final year students from a Delhi Mass Com College decide to make their diploma film about a myth prevalent in the northern hills of India, least did they know that the myth could well turn out to be the truth. The stark and most starling truth of their lives.

Against the wishes of his girlfriend Rashmi (Kim Sharma) and college professor Saxena (Ahmed Khan), who think that the subject is too dangerous for a college project, Ravi planned the trip. And Sunny eagerly joined in perceiving it as a fun trip. And surely fun it was when they began? But as they got deeper into the jungle their courage and beliefs were put to test. And then unprecedented happened?When their deepest fears and worst nightmares start to come true.


What would they do..? How would they do..? It was the question of their survival. Chasing his dreams, doing what he believed in was always the most important thing for Ravi, but this time... He went little too far to turn back... and the price that he had to pay for it was something he never bargained for.

Cast & Crew

Dilip Sood
Sameer Gaikwad
Anand Raj Anand
Saeed Qadri, Panchhi Jalonvi

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