Chintu Ji - 2009


HADBAHEDI, a small but beautiful village/town, is forward looking but honest. It competes for resources and recognition with a neighboring corrupt town Triphla. Hadbahedians believe that they have been totally neglected by the state and seek an identity of their under Arun Bakshi?s leadership. Things brighten when Arun discovers that Rishi/Chintu Kapoor was actually born in their village 55 years back. They send an invite to him and he accepts as he is looking at Politics to make a comeback in a big way and Hadbahedi could well be his constituency. Arun leads the people of Hadbahedi to dress up the town to welcome Chintu.

Chintu arrives in Hadbahedi along with Devika Malhotra, a young, dynamic, smart and intelligent executive of the PR agency hired for Rishi's political dreams. Rishi is a nuisance at Hadbahedi and treats the innocent people of Hadbahedi with contempt. Devika however is able to relate to their simplicity and love for Chintu. Matters worsen when Chintu meets with an accident which immobilizes him and forces him and Devika to stay put in Hadbahedi. Arun and Devika get along well and their romance blossoms through the story while ruthless Chintu is falling prey to the tempting monetary and political offer made by Triphla. In the meantime an anxious Mumbai producer Malkani decides to finish his film featuring Rishi, at Hadbahedi itself. Arum mobilizes the town to help the guests in accomplishing their task.

Arun has a troublesome past he came to hide in Hadbahedi 6 years back! Arun's past continues to haunt his relationship with Devika, and to make the matters worse a person from the past appears in Hadbahedi! The town by now has started getting the media and government?s attention due to Rishi's stay in Hadbahedi. Arun leads the entire movement. Prosperity follows, and the urban vices become a threat to Hadbahedians. Several comic and poignant situations follow. Then Arun is witness to the secret meeting of Chintu with Triphla and he assumes that Devika is hand in glove with Chintu on this. Tensions follow but Arun and townfolk will not speak ill of Chintu as their own reputation shall suffer. Devika moved by the gesture, leaves Chintu and joins Arun. Through the film and at its climax the simplicity and goodness of the town folk is pitted against the selfish and ruthless behaviour of Rishi and other visitors.

Rishi with the tempting offer from Triphla, on one side, and Arun Devika with the townfolk on the other, are at the middle of a see-saw climax while concurrently Arun?s past unfolds for the audience.

Cast & Crew

Ranjit Kapoor
Sanjiv Chopra
Ranjit Kapoor
Sukhwinder Singh, Siddharth-Suhas, Amjad Nadeem
Shabbir Ahmed, Sameer, Ranjit Kapoor

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