Classic - 2005


Guru ,Dr. Ram Gopal Acharya (Mithun Chakraborty) teaches his disciples the core difference between paap (Sin) and Punya (Goods Deeds). One of his life's thinking is that man should never succumb to Temptation and Sex to ?Sinners? and only women is responsible to him to seduce men for money and ultimately destroy them.
Doli (Meghna Naidu) , bar dancer dances to entertain her customer, drawing false vision of lust and arousing passion in men through her sensual figure movements keeping dreams some day her Prince charming, riding on a white horse would come and take her away. Meanwhile she meets Suraj (Vvikas Bhardwaj), a London bases NRI comes India for business. Love blossoms between the two and Suraj transforms Doli from a symbol of disgrace into a symbol of pure and noble love.
But the unfortunately Dr. Acharya's loyalty, rather better to tell the wicked side of him , towards his friend J.K.Malhotra (Navin Nishchol), father of Suraj, evokes to insult Doli and calls her a Prostitute, Sinner, Lady of the night, Adulteress and blames her for tarnishing Suraj's reputation.Fatigued Doli finds no way other than the decision to taking refuge in Acharya's ashram. A victorious smile cures his lips, as Acharya cannot resist the lure, the forbidden joy of passion, which he always condemned - SEX.

Doli gradually realise Dr. Acharya's lustful intention to his disciples. Suraj rescues Doli from the evil clutches of Acharya as he tries to forcefully marry her. His heart is set on fire with the longing for Doli and his feet begin to quiver to the tune of Wild Romance, Sex and passion performing this story.

Cast & Crew

B. Subhash
B. Subhash
Bappi Lahiri

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