Club Dancer - 2016


Film Magic Productions' Club Dancer is a story about a night club dancer played by Ria (Nisha Mavani). She is a girl who had lied to her parents (Zarina Wahab and Shakti Kapoor) stating that she is married to a young man in Mumbai and that she is a housewife. The story takes a U-turn when her parents decide to come to Mumbai for her father's treatment, as he had already suffered two heart attacks. The only way that Ria can bail herself out of the situation is by searching a husband who can pretend to be her husband.

Meanwhile, Monty (Rajbeer Singh) is a convict who is on the run and wants a place to hide from the cops who are after him because he had killed the Chief Minister. As destiny would have it, Ria and Monty meet when she strikes a deal with him. As per the deal, while Ria will give him a place to hide in her house, he has to pretend to be her husband. All goes on well, till one day, Monty gets killed by the police.
After that enters Amit (Rajbeer Singh) who is a Monty-lookalike. At the behest of Ria, Amit fills in for Monty to become Ria's husband for the sake of her parents. Situations take a U-turn yet again when Amit asks Ria to accompany him to his hometown Goa for his marriage.

Will Ria be able to handle the situation, do her parents get to know about their daughter's reality and what happens to Amit and Ria in the end is what forms the rest of the story.

Cast & Crew

B. Prasad
S. Mukerji
Saurabh Bharadwaj
Varinder Vizz
Paramjeet Singh Sajan, Diksha Jyoti

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