Contract - 2008


Aman - A man who chooses to make himself and his life into a mission. Ahmad Hussain - The chief of a special cell Mumbai police. His right hand doesn't know what his left hand is doing. His deadpan face hides a wolf's brain. Joint Commissioner Arundhuti Barve - She believes in 99 percent action,1 percent thinking. RD - The maverick gangster who is responsible for the unholy marriage of underworld and terrorism. What makes him very dangerous is that he is still a kid at heart. Iya - RD's sister who falls in love. The question is whether she loved the man or the man's name? Sultan - A self-proclaimed guiding light, the messiah of mayhem, an agent of annihilation. Dara - Mumbai's top encounter cop. A megalomaniac who relishes killing. Goonga - After RD emerged the winner in the turf wars of mumbai underworld, Goonga is forced into a watery exile. Goonga lives on a yacht to hide and survive in the desperate hope of killing RD one day.

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