Creature - 2014


Ahana (Bipasha Basu) takes out a loan to open a hotel in Glendale, Himachal Pradesh. During the party thrown for welcoming her first guests, Ahana meets Kunal Anand (Imran Abbas Naqvi), a novelist and they get attracted to each other. Next day, Next night, the cook is ambushed by the creature into a store room and gets killed. Kunal decides to help Ahana and summons his sharp shooter friends, believing that the killings is result of a man-eater panther. Following morning, Ahana takes sigh of relief as the sharp shooters hunt down a big panther. Eventually romance culminates between Ahana and Kunal and they end up consummating their romantic relationship. After a few peaceful days, the creature breaks into the hotel and kills two business partners first. When Ahana shows up to check, she finds herself standing in front of a ten feet long creature with legs and tail of a dinosaur, upper body and a nose-less head of a human and scaly skin of a reptile. The creature attacks Ahana but she manages to lock herself in a room. Distracted by a waiter, the creature attacks the guests in the dining hall. Ahana and Kunal distract it but end up in a balcony which proves to be a dead-end. Fortunately, Professor Sadanand (Mukul Dev), who scares off the creature with a burning log, making it flee. Next morning, the injured guests and rest of hotel staff get evicted by police and medical team. Professor tells Ahana and Kunal that the creature is a Brahmarakshas, a man-eating mutant which is result Lord Brahma, the Hindu god of creation cursing sinister race of demons to become a demonic creatures with no salvation, eternally condemned to roam on earth and suffer. He tells that Brahmarakshasas still lurk in dense forests of India, but claims of their sighting is as relevant as sightings of UFOs. He suggests Ahana and Kunal to leave if they wish to stay alive. She refuses to leave the hotel, determined to fight back this time.

Ahana, Kunal and Professor are joined by two cops, Inspector Chaubey (Deepraj Rana) and Inspector Rana (Bikramjeet Kanwarpal), and they conspire to kill the Brahmarakshasa with bullets smeared with ashes of fig leaf. But eventually Chaubey gets killed by Brahmarakshasa. Professor and Rana flee into the bushes while Kunal and Ahana get into the bus. Later that evening, Rana tells that few years ago, a Sarpanch filed a report which appeared to be sighting of a Brahmarakshasa. The four go to the village and meet the Sarpanch in a temple, who tells them that decades ago, a hunter killed a Brahmarakshasa and planted a fig tree. But recently, government officials got the tree cut-down for expanding the highway. Only person who can help them now is Dr. Moga, the son of the late hunter. Upon learning that there are two doctors by the name Dr. Moga, they divide into groups of two. Professor and Rana go to Delhi while Kunal and Ahana set for Shimla. On the way, Kunal reveals his real identity as Karan Malhotra, the chairman of the same builder group that compelled Ahana's father to commit suicide. He tells her that he felt guilty of his deeds and wanted to apologize to her. Heart-broken, Ahana breaks-up with Karan and leaves for Shimla. It is confirmed that Dr. Moga of Shimla is the son of the Hunter. Ahana shares her problem with Dr. Moga, who tells her that Brahmarakshasa is a terribly strong beast and very few can overpower it. He tells her that it can be killed by a weapon dipped in the temple pond of the Brahma Temple in Pushkar, the one and only temple of Brahma in the world. But the weapon is effective only if it is dipped into the pond on the night of Kartik Purnima, which is ten months away. Since time is short, Dr. Moga gives Ahana an old rifle and seven bullets, with which his father killed a Brahmarakshasa. Upon returning, Ahana, Professor and Rana enter the den of the Brahmarakshasa. Rana and Professor get killed by Brahmarakshasa during the fight. But as the beast tries to attack Ahana, Karan appears and saves her and they both escape. Left with three bullets, Ahana lures the Brahmarakshasa out by leaving a trail of her blood, leading it to the hotel next night. She ambushes the Brahmarakshasa but it attacks her. After a brief struggle she manages to kill the creature with the last bullet with the help of Karan.

Few days later, the hotel is ready to be reopened and Ahana repays the loan to the bank, freeing her hotel from mortgage. Ahana forgives Karan and they rekindle their relationship.

Cast & Crew

Vikram Bhatt
Bhushan Kumar, Kishan Kumar
Vikram Bhatt
Mithoon, Tony Kakkar
Tony Kakkar, Mithoon

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