Danger - 2002


The story revolves around three main characters Nainesh (Ashutosh Rana), Unnati (Tara Deshpande) and Saurav (Jas Arora). NAINESH, a Mafia Don's Accountant, who is tripping on his countdown, because of his romantic unaccountability for his exotic, lap-top dish, UNNATI, the wow-glam babe whose delicious delicacy takes his taste-buds 'discoing'. Saurav is this Hamlet-reborn-a-hundredth-time, SAURAV, caught on a sticky wicket of 'To be or not to be', even when UNNATI has a massive crush on him.

Nainesh is to get Rs. 2 crore to be delivered to the bhai. Unnati convinces her lover to steal the money. Saurav agrees and steals the money. Unnati lies to Nainesh that she had seen the Bhai's nephew hanging around their apartment a few minutes ago. She tries to persuade Nainesh to run away and escape the Bhai's wrath but he changes his mind and stays on.

In a confrontation with the Bhai, Nainesh ends up shooting him, his nephew and their henchman, setting in motion in the events for his own downfall. The rest of the story is about how Nainesh discovers Unnati's betrayal and who finally gets the money.

Cast & Crew

Govind Menon
DJ Whosane

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