Dashavtar - 2009


Kamal Haasan in 10 different roles. 10 different roles mean 10 different stories. 10 different stories mean more than 3 hours of filmed entertainment. Does it sound exciting? Take a guess!

When you buy a ticket of DASHAVTAR [dubbed Hindi version], you also wish you would've taken the writer of this film along, who knows the film inside out, because it's very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very [10 times!] difficult to decipher what's going on, what this marrrrrrrrrrathon film actually wants to convey.

The problem [and it's a big problem here!] is, well, Kamal Haasan's 10 roles, which are linked in a chain. The writer has to do justice to each of them, right? But barring the scientist and the ex CIA officer, the remaining parts make zilch impact.

DASHAVTAR has a screenplay of convenience. Perhaps, the writer's sole intention was to project Kamal Haasan in 10 different roles and prove how versatile an actor he is. Whether the screenplay would make sense or not is not important, actually.

To cut a really lonnnnnnnnnnng story short, DASHAVTAR is an unbearable experience. Watch 10 different classics of this great actor instead of this 10-in-1 film.

DASHAVTAR begins in the ancient times and shifts to 2004. A computer chip containing a dangerous biological material goes missing from a lab in America. A scientist, Govind, well aware of the dangers, launches a hunt for the missing material, which takes him to India.

DASHAVTAR is more of an exercise to prove that Kamal Haasan can carry off 10 different roles. But in an effort to do so, the writing takes a complete backseat. There are so many loopholes in the screenplay, it's unbelievable. Either the writer doesn't know what screen writing is all about or he has decided to take the viewer for granted.

The only time you want to compliment the writer is, when he comes up with a cure for cancer. A bullet in your chest can throw the tumour out of your body. Bravo!

Himesh Reshammiya's music is of fast-forward quality. Barring the 'Mukunda' track, the remaining songs are hard on your ear drums. The action scenes are very gimmicky.

Of the 10 roles, Kamal Haasan appeals only as the ex CIA agent. However, the makeup looks fake for a few characters. Asin is terrible. She irritates after a point. Mallika Sherawat suits her role. She's good. Jaya Pradha is wasted. What did she see in this role?

On the whole, DASHAVTAR is a poor show all the way. Hugely disappointing!

Cast & Crew

K.S. Ravikumar
Oscar Ravichandran
Himesh Reshammiya

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