Dehraadun Diary - 2012


In the era of large scale corruption, where everyone seated on a chair that holds power is lying neck deep in corruption, exist unlikely heroes. Ordinary people who put up an extraordinary fight. People who become epitome of ?standing for your rights?.
Preeti, a free spirited daughter of Sadgun Thakur , is in love with Anshul, son of an IAS officer. Their match isn?t acceptable to Preeti?s family and in a fit of rage Preeti?s brother kills Anshul for his family. And this is where the story begins.

Having lost their young son, the parents of Anshul, Mr and Mrs Sharma are there on confronted by the corrupt system. They can?t match steps with Thakur?s political powers and ways to shield his son. However, encouraged and supported by Anshul?s younger brother Akash, the old couple makes a resolve- to fight, fight till they get justice.

The film is the journey of the mother who has lost the child she once held in her hands and dreamt of an old age holding his hands.

It?s the journey of a brother who could have focused on his career, his future, yet decides to give it all up so that never again a brother loses his ?bhai? to an act of rage.

It?s also the journey of a soulmate who loses herself after the loss so much so that she takes any path she is guided to. Even turns supportive of her own brother when faced with legality but at the end the unadulterated power of love brings her to the threshold and she stands for the right.

Dehraadun Diary is a much needed film about the strength in common man, the fury that loss lends you and fearlessness that come only with unconditional love.

Cast & Crew

Milind Ukey
Anitta Dhawan Nandwani, Yatin Nandwani
Aseem Arora
Hanif Sheikh
Hanif Sheikh

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