Dhan Daulat - 1980


A child, left unattended in a truck, is adopted by it's drivers, Mangat and Bajirao, and cared for by a woman, Buaji. The child, a male, is named Lucky and grows up street-smart in the city of Bombay. When he attains adult-hood, he meets and falls in love with Shanti, and when he approaches her dad for her hand in marriage, he is humiliated and asked to leave. Lucky swears to win back Shanti and sets about to amass a huge fortune, a fancy car, and a palatial bungalow.

When he returns to Shanti's residence, he is welcomed by her dad, but Shanti refuses to marry him. Lucky also finds himself alienated from Mangat, Bajirao, and Buaji, who are aware that the wealth accumulated by him is through nefarious activities - and his bid to out-do business rival Raj Saxena. Lucky now faces a choice - either fore-go his new-found wealth and friends or forget about Shanti, Mangat, Bajirao, and last but not the least, Buaji - the only person who may know the secret of his parentage.

Cast & Crew

Harish Shah
Vinod Shah
Majrooh Sultanpuri

Dhan Daulat Movie - Songs

Jeena Kyaa Ajee Pyaar Bina

Woh Jinki

Jeena Kya Aji Pyar Bina

Ho Jaye Phir Us Din Ka Jo Wada Hai

Haay Re Aao Na Yaar Sharmaao Na

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