Dhoop - 2003


The movie is based on the events surrounding the death of Capt Anuj Nayyar, MVC of 17 Jat Regiment of the Indian Army, who was killed in anti insurgency operations in the southwest sector of Tiger Hill on July 5, 1999 as part of the Kargil conflict. The story of the Kapoor family in the film depicts the real events that happened in the lives of the Nayyar family[1][2][3].
Om Puri plays the role of Prof S K Kapoor, a professor of economics of the Delhi School of Economics, and the father of Capt Rohit Kapoor. Revathi plays the role of Sarita Kapoor, a librarian at Delhi University and Capt Kapoor's mother. Gul Panag plays the role of Pihu Verma, his fiancee.
The storyline of the movie takes place between 1999-2002, beginning with the death of Captain Kapoor while successfully defeating insurgents to capture Pt 4875 on the western side of Tiger Hill, Kargil.
The news is a huge shock to his family and the first half of the film portrays their attempts to cope with their grief. They receive messages of condolence from various high government officials as they attempt to come to terms with their loss.
As compensation for the loss of their son, the government allots them a franchise for running a petrol pump (gas station). Mrs Kapoor is aghast at such an offer, and none of the others are inclined to avail of this benefit. However after a visit from Major Kaul, Capt Kapoor's commanding officer, the professor and Pihu feel it might be a worthy site to commemorate the memory of Rohit and decide to take up the offer.
However, as they attempt to make this a reality, they encounter massive corruption and red tape at various levels of Indian bureaucracy. They are threatened and humiliated by various government officials and hooligans. However, the family perseveres in the face of immense odds and continues to struggle. The latter half of the film narrates the story of their mission.

Cast & Crew

Ashwini Chaudhary
Parth Arora, Saket Bahl
Kumud Chaudhary
Lalit Sen

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