Dil Ka Rishta - 2003


Dil Ka Rishta is about a young man named Jai (Arjun Rampal). He is very wealthy and supports many charities. One day, he accompanies his friend Anita (Ishaa Koppikar) to a school for the deaf. There, he meets Tia (Aishwarya Rai), a teacher, and falls in love with her. He helps her wherever he can and tries to be near her?and he believes that Tia feels something for him, too. When he finally admits his feelings, Tia reveals the existence of her fianc?, whom she finally marries and has a son with named Anshu.

Jai is devastated, since several attempts to win over Tia's heart, fail. One night, being completely drunk, he drives home and causes an accident: Anita, who was with Jai in the car, dies immediately and so does Raj (Priyanshu Chatterjee), Tia's husband, who happens to be the driver of the other car. Tia herself survives but loses her memory.

The doctors believe that Tia will not be able to handle the return of her memories and advise Tia's mother (Raakhee) to move her daughter to a place where nothing reminds her of her past. Jai wants to look after Tia (since he is responsible for her condition) and offers to take Tia and her mother to South Africa where they can live with him.

Tia's mother accepts for Tia's sake?she hates Jai for taking away her son-in-law and her daughter's memories. Tia is told that the boy who is coming with them is Jai's and Anita's son; but he is really Raj's and Tia's son. Tia is told that Anshu loves his "aunt" very much and that she should look after the boy so he won't miss his mother too much.

In Africa, Jai lives with Tia, Tia's mother and Anshu under one roof. Tia's mother realizes Tia's emerging feelings for Jai and warns him not to do something inappropriate. Jai looks after Tia, but whenever she is trying to get close to him, he takes his distance. Even as Jai's father (Paresh Rawal) tries to matchmake the two of them, Jai refuses her?even though he loves her more than anything else.
Finally Tia's mother accepts the fact her daughter is in love with Jai and agrees: they can get married. When Tia looks for Jai's approval, things get out of control. Tia flees and Jai follows her: after a car-chase sequence they have a fight. The truth is revealed: Anshu is Tia's son and she has a dead husband.

Jai's father, who has finally arrived with Tia's mother, explains that Jai is very much in love with Tia, but he hopes (out of guilt) that she regains her memory and punishes him for what he did: killing her husband in the car accident.

Instead of a punishment, Tia forgives Jai, telling him that the past is gone and she cannot remember it anyway. She decides to leave Jai and takes her son with her in order to not burden Jai anymore. Jai stops her: He wants to be a father for Anshu, tells her that he loves her and asks her to marry him. Tia accepts and they get their happy ending.

Cast & Crew

Naresh Malhotra
Target Films / Aditya Rai
Shabbir Boxwala, Vrinda Rai, Naeem Sha

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