Direct Ishq - 2016


Direct Ishq is a rom-com masala film that's full of romance, comedy and action and with beautiful songs. Basically, it's a love saga that's shot in the holy city of Banaras. Banaras is one of the oldest cities rightly called the 'religious capital' of India. It rests on the bank of the holy river Ganga. Here, the Indian culture flows in the form of Ganga since ages. In the evening, the lights offered to God glitter the entire Ganga river. We can see the sweetness in their language, and their songs.

In this holy city, there lives a girl named Dolly Pandey, who looks like a doll- naughty but active. She is wise and very bold, who doesn't allow any boy to come near her. Her dream is to become a very big singer & wants her father & the whole city to be proud of her. But, destiny is not simple. She meets two boys name Vicky Shukla & Kabeer, who change her. Vicky Shukla is a typical boy from Banaras, who is also the president of 'Kaashi Vidyapeeth'. He is a rough and tough strong & bold boy who always keeps a revolver with him, as he is always ready to fight the enemies. At the same time, he is just the opposite when coming to deal with a girl. He then, becomes extremely shy. One day, he meets Dolly Pandey and falls in love with her.

On the other hand, Kabeer is a smart, good looking guy born in a rich family of Banaras but educated in Mumbai and who does music shows and events in Mumbai. His grandmother wants him to marry his friend's daughter, but, he refuses. One day, he meets Dolly Pandey and falls in love with her. He helps her in making her career in singing.

Who is the lucky Man in Dolly's life? Is it Kabeer or Vicky?

Cast & Crew

Rajiv S. Ruia
Pradeep K Sharma
A.M. Turaz
Vivek Kar, Tanishk, Shabir Sultaan Khan, Raeth Band
A.M. Turaz

Direct Ishq Movie - Songs

Nimboo Sa Ishq

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