Dont Stop Dreaming - 2007


If music be the food of love, play on?.' William Shakespeare.

The movie tells the story of a group of young friends who want to do more than just hang out. They want to leave their mark on the musical scene. Continuing a hand-me-down career is boring and certainly not happening and therefore when three people turn their backs on the wishes of their parents?they front a new career. They form a multi-cultural-ethnic band.

The manager is a pretty female vocalist who's father was an Indian pop singer, now faded and retired as a clothing manufacturer and boutique owner.
We have an alcoholic singer, who sweeps the streets of the city at night.
An Afro-Elvis clone, whose father has a respectable sound equipment store, now chucks it all and joins in as the lead guitarist.
A Chinese post-university-drummer. He dresses like a girl?much to the disappointment of his mother!
A George Harrison hippie remixes the hippie culture.
Two waitresses throw their jobs in and join the band as backing singers.

A Bank robber has his ?4million robbery foiled...but where?s the money disappeared to?

Pubs sign on this group to play at their venues and soon they enter a competition that will send the winners to America.

Do they make it?
Do they stick together?
Do their parents permit this 'sultry' business?
Will their music live on after them?

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