Dosti Dushmani - 1986


Dr. Sandeep Kumar (Jeetendra), Inspector Ranjith (Rajinikanth) and Advocate Prakash (Rishi Kapoor) have been the best of friends since childhood. The three of them were raised by Sandeep's parents (Pran & Shavukar Janaki), who adopted Prakash as an orphan and took in Ranjith, who was abandoned by his smuggler father Daga (Amrish Puri) for being too honest, fleeing with his mother and sister instead. Ranjith is an honest police officer, Sandeep is a well-known doctor in the city, and Prakash is a leading criminal lawyer. The three of them often come into clashes with Daga, who has become a big gangster and doesn't know that Ranjith is his son. Ranjith and Prakash always quarrel with Sandeep, who has a problem of being very short-tempered, unable to withhold himself if he witnesses injustice being done to someone.

One day one of Daga's gang (Guru Bachan) kidnapped and raped Ranjith's pregnant wife Lata (Poonam Dhillon). The incident was witnessed by Sandeep, and he rescued Lata by beating up the rapist. For her protection, Sandeep made Lata promise not to reveal the rape to anyone. Daga took advantage of the situation and killed the rapist, hoping to frame Sandeep as the killer. Ranjith arrested Sandeep and Prakash took up the case in his defence. Sandeep did not reveal what actually happened for Lata's protection, so Prakash stated that Sandeep had committed the crime in order to protect his wife. The wife, a fake brought into the case for Sandeep's defence, was a girl named Rekha (Bhanu Priya), whom Sandeep had protected from the harassment of some gangsters a while ago. All the while, Sandeep fell in love with Rekha and married her.

Meanwhile, Prakash also fell in love with a thief girl named Shanthi (Kimi Katkar). Her brother was killed by Daga, who was also putting out a search for her. At the end, Ranjith came to know the truth, he accepted Lata even though she got raped, and he realized Daga is his father. Also, he discovered that Rekha was abandoned to the street by Daga as a child and that she's his sister. At the end, Sandeep, Ranjith, and Prakash joined forces and defeated Daga.

Cast & Crew

T Rama Rao
T Rama Rao
Pyarelal, Laxmikant Kudalkar
Anand Bakshi

Dosti Dushmani Movie - Songs

Munne Ki Amma

Jhatke Pe Jhatka

Saath Baras Ka Dulha

Yaaron Humko Dekh Ke

Ithalaye Kamar Band Kamre Mein

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