Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge - 2000


Sapna (Karisma Kapoor) has to keep all her uncles happy. She follows all their teachings and preachings till she is exhausted, exasperated goes crazy. The three uncles also have their own principles and required qualifications when it comes to choosing a bridegroom for Sapna.

A time comes when Sapna is disgusted with all her three uncles. She takes a bold step and runs away from home and joins a tourist group. She wants change. She needs fun. She wants to make the best of her youth which is going waste because of the eccentricities of her uncles. Raja (Salman Khan) is a part of the group. Sapna takes an instant dislike for him.

Till destiny plays a part. The two, Raja and Sapna get separated from the group. Sapna faces a series of major obstacles. Raja comes to her rescue every time. Soon a time comes when Sapna realises she is in love with Raja. Raja, naturally, falls in love with Sapna too. Together they decide to approach Sapna?s uncles to seek their permission to get married. Little does Raja know about the realityof Sapna?s obstinate uncles. They ploy havoc with Raja till Raja realises he has taken enough and decides to show them the stuff he is made of. He decides to take on the uncles one by one. Raja?s decision leads to a mayhem of "masti till masti" reaches a point of no return and Raja makes one last do or die attempt to win over the three uncles. Raja is the raja of his own rules. He keeps his tussle to get Sapna going without giving up. It looks like a sapna (dream) for Raja for some time but Raja is no ordinary Raja. He vows to win over the three uncles and Sapna waits for him to fulfil his dream. Sapna supports him.

Cast & Crew

David Dhawan
Gordon Tanwani
Rumi Jaffrey
Himesh Reshammiya
Sudhakar Sharma

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