Dushman - 1998


Gokul (Ashutosh Rana), a postman, is a serial rapist and murderer who rapes and murder girls who are left alone at home. Of the twins Naina and Sonia (Kajol) who stay with their mother (Tanvi Azmi), Sonia, the bubbly one, becomes the victim of Gokul, who rapes her and then brutally murders her. Naina knows what is happening to her sister but is helpless.
Naina, who is a shy type of person, tries to get justice and punish the guilty but is entangled in the legal system. The police are also helpless in arresting Gokul. Naina decides to take the justice in her hand to finish off Gokul. She is helped by a blind Major (Sanjay Dutt). He trains her in self-defence. However the end becomes melodramatic when Gokul ties Naina and the hero comes to her rescue

Cast & Crew

Tanuja Chandra
Pooja Bhatt
Uttam Singh
Anand Bakshi

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