Eik Dasttak - 2007


The movie begins with a well planned income-tax raid on a big industrialist. As the search fails to uncover hidden wealth, the most efficient officer, Kshitij (Narein Jha), is called in to solve the case which he does by tracing the black money to the house of the industrialist?s mistress. In the office, Kshitij has problems getting along with his junior, Ankita (Shreya Narayan), who is corrupt. In order to get Ankita back on the path of honesty, Kshitij reveals his past story to her.

Kshitij used to be a part of a core team of four I-T officers lead by Akanksha (Vasundhara Das). The other two officers were Jayesh (Amit Behl) and Subir (Murali Sharma). Together, the four had busted multi-crore I-T rackets with trails leading to politicians and benami businesses. In one such case involving diamond exports, Kshitij and his team mates were transferred after having cracked the case, to prevent them from penalizing the culprits. Kshitij was demoralized but didn?t compromise on his integrity. Inspired by his story, Ankita teams up with Kshitij in solving another scam, and the two of them join forces to form another crack team

Cast & Crew

Shekhar S. Jha
H R Bakshi
Sukhwinder Singh

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