Ek Aur Ek Gyarah - 2003


The plot is the greatest detractor in this enterprise. The basic sequence of events in the film greatly resembles that in Joru Ka Ghulam and Jodi No.1. Tara (Govinda) and Sitara (Sanjay Dutt) are small-time crooks who get mixed up with big-time mobster Cobra (Ashish Vidharythi).The three end up in jail where Tara and Sitara successfully make an escape. Now on the run from the cops, they hatch a plan to cross the border to Nepal. They figure that they can achieve this end by conning a military officer on border patrol ? Major Ram Singh (Jackie Shroff). They begin by lying their ways into the home and hearts of Major Ram Singh and his family. Ram Singh?s sister (debutante Nandini Singh) even falls in love with Tara, and her best friend (Amirta Arora) falls in love with Sitara. But all is not well.Ram Singh had previously arrested a dreaded cross-border terrorist Panther (Gulshan Grover), who happens to be related to Cobra. Cobra hatches a plan whereby he blackmails Tara and Sitara to manipulate Ram Singh to release Panther from prison.

The schizoid plot hasn?t a single drop of coherence. But what matters is present; the comic situations all feature rib-tickling dialogues and an endless barrage of hilarious moments. Sure, these situations make little to no sense when strung together, but they manage to keep one?s attention and evoke laughter as they unfold. In an attempt to make the film an ?all-round? entertainer, the screenwriters have placed a couple of miserably underdeveloped subplots in the film. The lack of real development in any of these plotlines is understandable, however. Development in these plotlines would have made the film longer, but not better, and had it plunge into rambling depths. This is a light-hearted farce, after-all.

As a self-mocking, tongue-in-cheek comedy that shouldn?t be taken seriously, the film is excellent. All of the Hindi-movie conventions are present in all their ludicrous glory. The zippy dialogs complete with witty one-liners, quirky repeated sayings, and below-the-belt shots are continuously hilarious. The charming romantic track is sped up with Shankar-Eshaan-Loy?s wonderful songs, and the action scenes have novel stunts and comic twists that make them fun to watch.

Cast & Crew

David Dhawan
Subhash Ghai

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