Ek Se Bure Do - 2009


EK SE BURE DO is a classic example of been there, seen that, moved on. There has been a barrage of nonsensical comedies. Now add one more name to the list.

Toti [Arshad Warsi] and Tony [Rajpal Yadav] are two small-time con men who are in debt of a small-time don. The don hires them to find the map to a treasure. They find the map, but decide to con the don [Govind Namdeo]. What ensues is a chase to find Tito and Tony, who are hiding in the house where the treasure is hidden.

The basic foundation, the story [Tariq], is faulty. Something like this may've worked in the 1980s, not today. The jokes are dated. One pointless scene follows another. The music is equally poor.

The performances too are stereotypical. Arshad Warsi and Rajpal Yadav are both talented, but they are loud and fake here. Nataasha and Tusha are bland.

On the whole, EK SE BURE DO has no chances whatsoever!

Cast & Crew

Tariq Khan
Suresh Seth
Ravi Pawar
Panchhi Jalonvi

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