Filhaal - 2002


FILHAAL, is about friendship, love, marriage, life... Rewa (Tabu), Dhruv (Sanjay Suri), Sia (Sushmita Sen) and Saahil (Palash Sen) are four people whose lives got entangled at various levels due to a twist of fate.

Rewa and Sia were the best of friends, having known each other since kindergarten days. They were similar in so many ways, and yet different too. While Sia was ambitious and career-oriented, Rewa was more of romantic, looking forward to a blissful life with a husband and children.

Her dreams crystallized in Dhruv, whom she fell in love with and married. Everyone expected Sia to follow suit, especially Saahil, who had proposed to Sia three times already. But Sia was clear - just like men need to be settled in their careers before they get married, so should women. Saahil would have to wait.

Cast & Crew

Meghna Gulzar
Jhamu Sughand

Filhaal Movie - Songs

Sola Singaar Karke

Filhaal (Title Track)

Kyun Baar Baar

Naya Naya

Le Chalen Doliyon Mein

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