Gabbar Is Back - 2015


Being the official remake of the Tamil blockbuster Ramana, Gabbar Is Back is yet another film where the common man, victimized by the corrupt system, seeks revenge.
College professor Aditya
s life turns topsy-turvy, when his pregnant wife (Kareena Kapoor) dies when a building crashes down owing to its poor construction. When he seeks the help of the Government and tries to bring down the corrupt people, he is not only left disappointed but is attacked by ruthless authorities working under the builder Digvijay Patil. But in a turn of events, Aditya is rescued by a group of students and they later, become his army in his fight against the injustice and corruption. Aditya operates under the pseudo name Gabbar with his students who together bring justice in their own violent ways, killing every corrupt official along with leaving behind evidences of the crimes they commit. But Gabbar
s ultimate goal is to take revenge against Digvijay Patil.

Gabbar Is Back Movie - Songs

Teri Meri Kahaani

Coffee Peetey Peetey

Aao Raja

Warna Gabbar Aa Jayega

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