Gahraee - 2006


Gahraee is the deep dark secret behind a murderous night in the Hills of Manali.

A beautiful girl named Roma (Khushi) falls to her death from her room in the Grand Palace Hotel.

The case of this mysterious death is handed over to the C.B.I for investigation. Roma's family is shocked to hear the news and her sister Nisha (Isha Koppikar) is left numb and can't understand what went wrong. She decides to unveil the secret behind her sister's sudden death.

Nisha leaves for Shimla where her sister was murdered, in search of what happened that night. On her way she meets Vijay (Nikitin Dheer) who introduces himself as a C.B.I officer. Nisha tells him about the mysterious night and Vijay offers to help her on the case. Nisha leads him to the family home where Vijay finds an interesting evidence in Roma's room which he does not disclose to Nisha. Well! What could be the reason??

In the midst of their efforts to unravel the mystery, Vijay and Nisha fall in love and are planning to get married. But at this very moment Nisha's father Baldev (Kiran Kumar) suffers from a massive heart attack and passes away. This opens up a whole new chapter to the story. Now that Baldev is dead, Nisha has inherited a huge amount... so are people, close to Nisha ready to even kill her and get all that money or did Nisha do all this to be the sole successor.

It's a new chapter opening up everyday even for the C.B.I. And by the time they feel they have solved the mystery a new clue comes in front of them. Now their list of suspects has one more name, Nisha...

Cast & Crew

Jagdish A Sharma
S K M Hussain
Himesh Reshammiya

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