Galti Sirf Tumhari - 2017


Three college friends – Arjun, Mayank and Ravi – are partying and they are accompanied by their girlfriends – Varsha, Riya and Anjali. Mayank and Ravi spot Maya exiting the party and they follow her with an intention to rape her.

But before they can rape her, Maya gets grievously injured in the basement. Varsha, Riya, Anjali and Arjun reach the basement and on hearing them approaching, Arjun and his friends run away from there. The person who approaches Maya is Sultan and she reveals the name of her friends to him before breathing her last.

Assuming that they are responsible for her death, Maya's friend Sonam swears revenge. She joins college and is hell bent on killing the guys one by one.

Cast & Crew

Sahil Rayyan
Sarika S. Sanjot
Sahil Rayyan
Salim Ashfee, Kartik, Gunjan Kumaar

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