Ghar Parivar - 1991


Shankar, a country fellow, lives with his widowed step mother and two step brothers Balwant and Birju. Shankar loves his step mother and brothers as his own. After Shankar's marriage, his wife Savitri takes care of Balwant and Birju as her own sons. Shankar sends Balwant to the city for higher studies by selling all his property. However, when Shankar returns, he brings his wife along with him, much to the shock of Shankar and Savitri. Watch what happens when Balwant's newly wedded wife refuses to adjust to the simple village life and tries to break the joint family built by the love and care of Shankar and Savitri.

Ghar Parivar Movie - Songs

Kurte Ka Kya Hai

Beech Bajariya Ladi Najariya

Road Romeo

Aaj Humne Aapke Liye

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