Gharana - 1989


Prem Mehra is a wealthy, kind-hearted, and generous man who lives in a palatial home with his wife, Laxmi, a daughter, and two sons, Vijay and Ravi. Dharamdas is an foe of Prem, and he involves gangster and an employee of Prem?s (Munshi) to steal some priceless diamonds from his safe, thereby implicating Prem in the theft, and making him lose all his wealth and estate. Prem and his family re-locate to live with their devoted and loyal employee, Rahim.

Vijay gets a job as a news-reporter, while Ravi continues with his studies. Prem?s daughter?s marriage is on the rocks as he now cannot afford to pay the dowry sum of seven lakhs rupees. Prem has a stroke that leaves his paralyzed.

Radha is Vijay?s co-worker, both fall in love with seek their respective families? blessings so that they can marry. But before they can get married, Vijay suddenly breaks all ties with Radha and instead gets married to the only daughter, Naina, of a wealthy woman, Shraddha, who is also his boss, thus making ...

Gharana Movie - Songs

Sitam Hampe Karle

Tere Daddy Ne Diya Mujhe Permit

Amit Khushi Ka Hai Mauka

Kiss And Tell

Jinka Ghar Ho Ayodhaya Jaisa

Yeh Ladki Nahin Hai

Pyar Karenge Abhi Karenge

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