Guardians - 2014


Based on the backdrop of an orthodox conventional society, Guardians is the story of Birju who tries to fight against the evils of the system.

After the Rupa Mishra - Bachcha Tiwari wedding is called off because the sarpanch, brother of Bachcha demands a lump-sum from Rupa?s father, Rupa ties the knot with Birju, a common villager. The orthodox sarpanch however continues his evil treatment towards the society after he gets two lovers killed when they try to elope unaware of the love story between his daughter and another villager Akash. As Birju tries to fight after the murder of two youngsters, his wife Rupa gets raped and killed in the process. How Birju and Akash avenge the death of Rupa is what forms the rest of the story.

Cast & Crew

Sachin Yadav
Dr. V. P. Singh
Dr. V. P. Singh
Omkar Rana, K. Ratnesh
Dr. V. P. Singh, Tauqeer Zaidi, Sahil Sultanpuri

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