Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega - 2000


Raj (Salman Khan) is an orphan from Goa. He hopes to make it big as a singer in Mumbai city, in addition to finding his dream-girl. He comes to Mumbai where his friend Abdul (Niraj Vora) works at a juice store, run by Abdul's uncle.

This guy introduces Raj to some biggie called Mishra (Asrani) at a record label music company, who listens to Raj sing and hopes to release his album once his demo tape is ready. Raj and Abdul scout around for funds and even sell off a bus stop to Abdul's uncle, claiming it to be a shop. The tape is ready but Mishra dies off. With no hope for him, Raj decides to return to Goa. But, he witnesses a car crash, saves the girl inside it, (Rani Mukherjee) takes her to the hospital, where her family think him to be her husband, Romi, who she was in love with.

This case of mistaken identity proves to be lucky for Raj whose album will be released by the CEO of the label, since the girls' dad is the financier of the company. Pooja played by Rani, we are told, can hear, see and comprehend everything that's going around her. She can't move, though. Before she knows it, she falls in love with Raj.

In the meanwhile, Jahnvi played by Preity Zinta also gets along famously with Raj whom she knows as Romi. But once the truth is out, she too expresses her love for Raj and the two get along fine until Pooja wakes up and learns that her best friend is also in love with her saviour. And, if you know your filmi endings right, you will certainly know who gets the guy.

Cast & Crew

Raj Kanwar
Sajid Nadiadwala
Anu Malik

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