Hawas - 2004


the story begins of a married couple: Raj (Shawar Ali) and Sapna (Meghna Naidu) living in Dubai. Raj is obsessed with moving to the USA so ignores his wife, which leads to her need for getting satisfaction.

One fine day, Sapna has a small accident and Ajay, a charming painter (Tarun Arora) helps her. On their very first encounter, one can view Sapna?s lack of passion in her eyes, for even Ajay remarks she needs colour in her life. She resists his charms on more than one occasion before falling into a physical relationship with him. Was she wrong? It depends. Sapna is stuck in a boring and unromantic marriage where she feels a need to be loved emotionally, as well as physically.

Raj begins to suspect his wife, when she tends to go out a lot and becomes distant, so he hires a detective to discover the truth. Raj is devastated of learning about the affair and decides to confront Ajay. In the process, he accidentally kills him. He confronts Sapna and asks for a divorce. At the same time, the police focus on making them both suspects for Ajay?s murder so they decide to flee the country. Do they make it out of the country? Do they get a divorce?

Cast & Crew

Karan Razdan
Evershine Films
Daboo Malik

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