Hello Charlie - 2021


M. D. Makwana is a wanted fraudster who must escape from Mumbai after duping banks of a lot of money, for which his model girlfriend suggests disguising him as a caged gorilla so that he would be undiscovered, while at the same time, Toto, a real gorilla escapes from a crashed plane and is also declared wanted.

Chirag "Charlie" Rastogi is a young daydreamer who has been unsuccessful in whatever ventures he has partaken. Later, he is assigned the job of escorting a gorilla to a circus by the model, little realizing that it is Makwana in disguise. Along the way, a series of adventures follows as Chirag finds himself confused between both Toto and Makwana, while a female circus acrobat-cum-dancer tags along even as a forest ranger and a veterinary doctor are on the hunt for Toto.

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