Hello? Kaun Hai! - 2006


Adam Bedi (Rahul), born and brought up in Switzerland, Rahul believes in living life to the fullest. He is a strong headed guy who never lets go of what he wants. So strong that when he finds his lady love, he can do anything for her. Even Kill. Negar Khan (Tina), she is the most desired girl on university campus. She is every body?s dream girl. She is extremely bold and outgoing. She is proud of her sensuality and shows it off. Her looks drive people to do anything for her. Beautiful. Sexy. Hot. Rajat Bedi (Sanjeev), a psycho killer. The acts as a friend but all the while he is plotting against his victim. You mention love and he?ll laugh at your face. He doesn?t believe anything remotely emotional. He only knows one kind of love.

The physical kind. And even kills to get it. Meera Vasudevan (Nandi), sister of CBI officer Rakesh Khullar (Kabir Bedi), she is in fact the sweetest, the most charming and loving girl on campus. She goes to any lengths for her friends and never gives one thought as to what she is getting in return from them. Kabir Bedi (Rakesh Khullar), the CBI officer at scene of the crime, Rakesh Khullar is strict and harsh. He is a stern and hard hearted man who will never let anyonw come in the way of his duty. Not even his family. Tom Alter as Mr. Malhotra, a rich business man and Tina?s father. For him status and standing in society is everything that matters and he refuses to accept Rahul (Adam Bedi) as Tina?s boyfriend. He doesn?t care about his daughter?s feelings as long as his position is not affected.

Rati Agnihotri (Kiran Jaitley), a journalist by profession, she wants to get to the core of the crimes happening in the university campus. She will do anything to get her story and maintains a constant vigil on the failure of the CBI officer Rakesh Khullar in solving the case.

Cast & Crew

Rakesh Sawant
Ashok Khullar, Govind Mishra

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