Hide & Seek - 2010


On a chilly Christmas night, six best friends innocently indulged in a game to have some more fun! Om, Abhi, Jaideep, Imran, Gunita and Jyotika were having a whale of a time ?. little realising that this game and that night would change their lives forever.
Twelve years later, while some still wrestled with memories of that fateful night, others had left it buried deep down within themselves. But suddenly, all of that was about to change, because the ugly past had reared its head!
It had come to haunt them again. And this time with a vengeance. Twelve years later, someone was conspiring to bring all of them together?. to play that deadly game all over again! But this time around, it will cost them their lives!
Haunted by the past... trapped in a shopping mall... six best pals turn into worst enemies as they play... HIDE & SEEK!

Cast & Crew

Shawn Arranha
Laxmi Singh, Apoorva Lakhia
Chirantan Bhatt, Gourov Dasgupta, Ritesh Batra

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