Ho Sakta Hai - 2006


Ho Sakta Hai is a horror film with an element of black magic to it. Victor Banerjee lives with his great grandson Dharmik in a bungalow in a remote village. The child is dumb from childhood and appears to be possessed by a spirit! Mohini, who plays the caretaker?s wife, practices the sinister form of black magic and the couple lives in a cottage in the compound.

Khalid plays a doctor who works in the States, and when he comes to India, he is shocked to discover that his elder brother and sister-in-law are missing, and their son (Dharmik) is dumb.
Khalid who does not believe in spirits or black magic is perplexed with the disappearance of his family and the happenings in the bungalow. He uncovers a web of mystique only to find a ghasly reality behind it all.

The atmosphere is built up quite well, considering it is a horror film, but the pace is slow and the events appear repetitive. Performance-wise, Victor Banerjee brings the touch of the veteran and the child artiste is remarkable with his dumb portrayal. As the director, Wilson Louis shows technical competence.

Cast & Crew

Wilson Louis
Ashok Kotwani
Rahul Ranade

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