Hogi Pyaar Ki Jeet - 1999


Surjit finds out that his sister is in love with Manjit Singh the younger brother of Thakur Gajendra Singh. Surjit goes to Thakurs house in order to get Manjit to marry his sister. The Thakur humiliates him; making him, a vegetarian, eat dogfood and beg on his knees. Surjit does so and is told to go home and make wedding preparations. The next day, Thakur visits Surjit and kills him and his wife in broad daylight.

Surjits last dying wish is that his two sons Raju and Kishan must get married to Thakur?s and his brother?s two daughters Megha and Preeti and they must have the Thakur come begging to their doorstep for this marriage alliance. Surjits sister agrees to this and accordingly brings up the two children. Unfortunately Raju goes missing leaving her alone to bring up Kishan.

Years later they are reunited when Raju returns home and they join together to fulfill Surjits last wish. What they do not know is Megha and Preeti are to be married to Minister Khuranas two sons and nothing in the world is going to make the Thakur change his mind.

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