Horn Ok Pleassss - 2011


The protagonist of the film could easily be termed as a 'pro-love- gonist! Govinda (Nana Patekar) plays the central theme role, his own life's theme works only around 'love'. Well, to begin the fun, have you ever heard of a 'Crorepati' truck driver? And to double the fun, a truck driver who goes out of his way to spread and support his love for 'love'.

To get things rolling, Ajay comes in the picture. A young man...A lover - with his love lost!!! And who else to help you in such difficult times than Govinda himself. Ajay's unplanned surprise meeting with Govinda. And seeking his help leads to a chain of unplanned but exhilarating surprises.

The plot... Ajay loves Sia, the twin sister of Govinda's wife Ria. Both of them are exact look-alikes of each other. But that's not where the problem and the fun ends. The twist is Govinda the saviour does not know this. And that's where begins a whole roller- coaster ride of hilarious sequences with more lovely-dovey characters joining in the fray.

Will Ajay get his lady-love? Will Sia- Ria confusion be solved? Or will Govinda be able to survive this self-created life-or-death chaos for love??? This laugh-riot holds the key for all these in its underbelly. A must watch for the 'Love-Laughs-Lovers'!

Cast & Crew

Rakesh Sarang
Adbol Samee Siddiqui
Lalit Pandit
Salim Bijnauri, Sajid Farhaad

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