Hulchul - 2004


Hu Tu Tu is a story of a woman Malti Barve (Suhasini Mulay) who rises from a school teacher to a social activist and finally the chief mnister of Maharashtra. Her daughter, with whom she shares an uncanny relationship, thanks to her ambition and eccentric ways, results in her becoming a foul-mouthed tomboy with an 'I-give-a-damn-attitude'.

Panna is a neglected child who initially fights for acceptance but later turns into a rebel. She meets Aditya Patel (Sunil Shetty), son of a leading industrialist (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) who too is trying to establish his own identity, being under the constant shadow of his father. In this they find a common bond - that of a corrupt lineage, from which they can't move away, however much they might despise it. Gulzar has handled the sensitive subject very well. While Tabu & Sunil Shetty's performance have been satisfying, its Suhasini Mulay who's stole the show this time with her sensitive portrayal of an ambitious woman who'll go to any lengths to achieve what she wants.

Hulchul Movie - Songs

Rafta Rafta

Hum Dil Ke

Lut Gayee

Ishq Main

Lee Humne

Dekho Zara Dekho

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