Hum - 1991


Tiger (Amitabh Bachchan) works for the local Don Bhaktawar (Danny Denzongpa) but never hesitates to revolt against him if he harms his friends or family. When his girlfriend Jumma (Kimi Katkar) brother Gonsalves (Romesh Sharma) is killed by Bhakhtawar for revolting against him, Tiger promises revenge. However Tiger?s father Pratap (Deepak Shirke) intervenes and is killed accidentally. When corrupt police officer Girdhar (Anupam Kher) finds out that Tiger is on the hunt for Bhakhtawar, he kills Bhakhtawar?s family and frames Tiger. Bhakhtawar is arrested soon after learning of his family?s death for countless murders and promises to avenge his family?s death by killing Tiger when he returns.

Tiger is forced to go on the run with his two step-brothers. Jumma decides to stay behind so that Tiger can fully concentrate on looking after his brothers. Many years later, he is now known as Shekhar and is living a happy life with his two grown-up brothers Kumar (Rajinikanth) and Vijay (Govinda) as well as Kumar?s wife Aarti (Deepa Sahi) and a daughter, Jyoti. During this time, Bhakhtawar is released from jail and is on the hunt for Tiger/Shekhar, still under the assumption that Tiger was the one who murdered his entire family. He returns to his area, where he finds many of his henchmen awaiting his return; there he learns that Girdhar has become a rich businessman (with the money that was stolen from Bhaktawar), and that Tiger was supposedly dead. He doesn?t believe this, and attempts to hunt down Tiger. Girdhar, meanwhile, is attempting to sell faulty tanks to the Indian Army with the help of some corrupt officers, but his plan is foiled by the General (Kader Khan). Girdhar arranges for the kidnapping of the General, and replaces him with a look-alike actor. Vijay is in love with the General?s daughter Neeta (Shilpa Shirodkar), and originally the real General did not approve of their love, but the replacement agrees to their love.

Bhaktawar eventually discovers that Tiger is alive and living under the name Shekhar and manages to kidnap Aarti and Jyoti when they visit Aarti?s mother. Shekhar gets wind of this news and goes to Bangalore with Vijay and Kumar to find out what happened. Someone insults Aarti at the bus stop, and Shekhar beats him up as if he were Tiger, which worries Kumar and Vijay. Kumar investigates the kidnapping at a local police station and learns that Shekhar isn?t who he says he is and confronts him. Shekhar tells him and Vijay everything about their past and they all go to confront Bhaktawar. Also Shekhar learns that Jumma has become a famous actress and is shooting in Bangalore as well. The climax follows as all the characters learn of everything that has happened and confront each other.

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